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JavaScript: from the Ground to Closures

  1. Mastering data types
  2. Functions: declarations and expressions
  3. Scopes and Closures
  4. Javascript and related technologies
  5. First Steps
  6. Function arguments
  7. Static variables and methods
  8. Type detection
  9. Four scents of "this"
  10. Decorators

The aim of this tutorial is to grasp the JavaScript required to build interfaces and really understand what’s going on.

This includes semi-advanced topics like closures, but misses easy topics like “Working with Date and Time”, because they are not strictly required. So we can get to DOM prepared and fast enough.

Document and Events

  1. Browser environment
  2. DOM
  3. View and position
  4. Events
  5. Adding a script to HTML

Browser allows a programmer to control itself by exposing an hierarchy of objects.

In this section we’ll learn how to make use of them to query and manipulate the page.

Object Oriented Programming

  1. Exceptions
  2. Prototypal inheritance
  3. OOP patterns
  4. Early and Late Binding
  5. The "instanceof" operator
  6. The "constructor" property
  7. Extending Natives

The features from this chapters are a bit higher than newbie level.

But still crucial to good programming.