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Truncate the text

importance: 5

Create a function truncate(str, maxlength) that checks the length of the str and, if it exceeds maxlength – replaces the end of str with the ellipsis character "…", to make its length equal to maxlength.

The result of the function should be the truncated (if needed) string.

For instance:

truncate("What I'd like to tell on this topic is:", 20) == "What I'd like to te…"

truncate("Hi everyone!", 20) == "Hi everyone!"

Open a sandbox with tests.

The maximal length must be maxlength, so we need to cut it a little shorter, to give space for the ellipsis.

Note that there is actually a single Unicode character for an ellipsis. That’s not three dots.

function truncate(str, maxlength) {
  return (str.length > maxlength) ?
    str.slice(0, maxlength - 1) + '…' : str;

Open the solution with tests in a sandbox.