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Create keyed object from array

importance: 4

Let’s say we received an array of users in the form {id:..., name:..., age:... }.

Create a function groupById(arr) that creates an object from it, with id as the key, and array items as values.

For example:

let users = [
  {id: 'john', name: "John Smith", age: 20},
  {id: 'ann', name: "Ann Smith", age: 24},
  {id: 'pete', name: "Pete Peterson", age: 31},

let usersById = groupById(users);

// after the call we should have:

usersById = {
  john: {id: 'john', name: "John Smith", age: 20},
  ann: {id: 'ann', name: "Ann Smith", age: 24},
  pete: {id: 'pete', name: "Pete Peterson", age: 31},

Such function is really handy when working with server data.

In this task we assume that id is unique. There may be no two array items with the same id.

Please use array .reduce method in the solution.

Open a sandbox with tests.

function groupById(array) {
  return array.reduce((obj, value) => {
    obj[] = value;
    return obj;
  }, {})

Open the solution with tests in a sandbox.