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The maximal salary

importance: 5

There is a salaries object:

let salaries = {
  "John": 100,
  "Pete": 300,
  "Mary": 250

Create the function topSalary(salaries) that returns the name of the top-paid person.

  • If salaries is empty, it should return null.
  • If there are multiple top-paid persons, return any of them.

P.S. Use Object.entries and destructuring to iterate over key/value pairs.

Open a sandbox with tests.

function topSalary(salaries) {

  let maxSalary = 0;
  let maxName = null;

  for(const [name, salary] of Object.entries(salaries)) {
    if (maxSalary < salary) {
      maxSalary = salary;
      maxName = name;

  return maxName;

Open the solution with tests in a sandbox.