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Drag superheroes around the field

importance: 5

This task can help you to check understanding of several aspects of Drag’n’Drop and DOM.

Make all elements with class draggable – draggable. Like a ball in the chapter.


  • Use event delegation to track drag start: a single event handler on document for mousedown.
  • If elements are dragged to top/bottom window edges – the page scrolls up/down to allow further dragging.
  • There is no horizontal scroll.
  • Draggable elements should never leave the window, even after swift mouse moves.

The demo is too big to fit it here, so here’s the link.

Demo in new window

Open a sandbox for the task.

To drag the element we can use position:fixed, it makes coordinates easier to manage. At the end we should switch it back to position:absolute.

Then, when coordinates are at window top/bottom, we use window.scrollTo to scroll it.

More details in the code, in comments.

Open the solution in a sandbox.