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Check for spam

importance: 5

Write a function checkSpam(str) that returns true if str contains ‘viagra’ or ‘XXX’, otherwise false.

The function must be case-insensitive:

checkSpam('buy ViAgRA now') == true
checkSpam('free xxxxx') == true
checkSpam("innocent rabbit") == false

Open a sandbox with tests.

To make the search case-insensitive, let’s bring the string to lower case and then search:

function checkSpam(str) {
  let lowerStr = str.toLowerCase();

  return lowerStr.includes('viagra') || lowerStr.includes('xxx');

alert( checkSpam('buy ViAgRA now') );
alert( checkSpam('free xxxxx') );
alert( checkSpam("innocent rabbit") );

Open the solution with tests in a sandbox.