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First Steps

Setup your environment

  1. Code editor
  2. Browsers
  3. Summary

To start developing in JavaScript, a good working place is required.

This section contains instructions to setup the programs you may need.

Hello, World!

JavaScript is an interpreted language. That means: no compilation. You just write code and attach it to HTML.

The simplest way is to put JavaScript directives into SCRIPT tag somewhere inside the page.

Variables and statements

  1. Code structure
  2. Variables
  4. Summary

JavaScript is a special language indeed. Especially for those coming from PHP, C, Java.

Let’s start it with language basics: variables, coding style etc.

Operators and constructs

  1. Operators
  2. Comparison operators, if..else
  3. Loops and switch

This section is devoted to operators and basic constructs of the language, including control flow management.

User interaction: alert, prompt and confirm

  1. alert
  2. prompt
  3. confirm
  4. Summary

The basic UI operations are alert, prompt and confirm.

Browser Developer's Tools

  1. Firefox
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Other browsers

By default, browsers hide JavaScript errors. Right, a visitor doesn’t want to know about them, if he isn’t into JavaScript.

For develpers, there are great tools to see errors and debug scripts, in all major browsers.