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Show a weekday

importance: 5

The method date.getDay() returns the number of the weekday, starting from sunday.

Let’s make an array of weekdays, so that we can get the proper day name by its number:

function getWeekDay(date) {
  let days = ['SU', 'MO', 'TU', 'WE', 'TH', 'FR', 'SA'];

  return days[date.getDay()];

let date = new Date(2014, 0, 3); // 3 Jan 2014
alert( getWeekDay(date) ); // FR

Open the solution with tests in a sandbox.

Write a function getWeekDay(date) to show the weekday in short format: ‘MO’, ‘TU’, ‘WE’, ‘TH’, ‘FR’, ‘SA’, ‘SU’.

For instance:

let date = new Date(2012, 0, 3);  // 3 Jan 2012
alert( getWeekDay(date) );        // should output "TU"

Open a sandbox with tests.