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A random number from min to max

importance: 2

The built-in function Math.random() creates a random value from 0 to 1 (not including 1).

Write the function random(min, max) to generate a random floating-point number from min to max (not including max).

Examples of its work:

alert( random(1, 5) ); // 1.2345623452
alert( random(1, 5) ); // 3.7894332423
alert( random(1, 5) ); // 4.3435234525

You can use the solution of the previous task as the base.

We need to “map” all values from the interval 0…1 into values from min to max.

That can be done in two stages:

  1. If we multiply a random number from 0…1 by max-min, then it the interval of possible values increases 0..1 to 0..max-min.
  2. Now if we add min, the possible interval becomes from min to max.

The function:

function random(min, max) {
  return min + Math.random() * (max - min);

alert( random(1, 5) );
alert( random(1, 5) );
alert( random(1, 5) );