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Animate the bouncing ball

importance: 5

Make a bouncing ball. Click to see how it should look:

Open a sandbox for the task.

To bounce we can use CSS property top and position:absolute for the ball inside the field with position:relative.

The bottom coordinate of the field is field.clientHeight. But the top property gives coordinates for the top of the ball, the edge position is field.clientHeight - ball.clientHeight.

So we animate the top from 0 to field.clientHeight - ball.clientHeight.

Now to get the “bouncing” effect we can use the timing function bounce in easeOut mode.

Here’s the final code for the animation:

let to = field.clientHeight - ball.clientHeight;

  duration: 2000,
  timing: makeEaseOut(bounce),
  draw(progress) { = to * progress + 'px'

Open the solution in a sandbox.